Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Estómago's Revenge

I know this man who we will call "my dad."  He is also known, in some circles, as the Man with the Iron Stomach.  Okay, I just made that up.  But, if there were circles, and if those circles gave out such names, and if those names were in Spanish, he would undoubtedly be called El hombre con el estómago de hierro - the Man with the Iron Stomach.   [Thank you website formerly known as Babel Fish.]

Estómago de Hierro
How long can you leave left overs in the refrigerator before you introduce them to the garbage disposal?  Mrs. Hydrant says 3 days.  I say 1 week.  

What say you Estómago de Hierro?

Estómago is a fantastic cook with great instincts for adding some mysterious - off script ingredients to his culinary concoctions. Estómago has also been known to reject expiration dates as optional guidelines for those less resourceful, and less iron-plated than he.

Some time ago Estómago went on a cooking binge involving roasted peppers. He made like a year's supply of peppers and added some to just about every recipe he could.

Many months later, I was assisting Estómago in the preparation process when his instincts took over. "Get me the peppers." As I returned from the fridge, I opened the container to discover a science experiment. You've seen it before - the whitish, black speckled fuzzy mold which lives off of forgotten leftovers.  

"These are bad," I said - preparing to donate the remaining peppers to the garbage disposal.

"Wait, let me see them," Estómago replied.

I watched in horror as the famed Estómago de Hierro cut the mold off of the effected peppers and cooked what remained.

I lived to tell this tale. But I will tell you the evacuation that took place from my body the next morning was akin to what happens when you drink water in some foreign countries -- my own personal case of Estómago's Revenge!

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